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OMT Filters

Since 1967, OMT has been showing a continuous growth supported by innovative skills and cutting-edge technologies. In 1996, the company decided to set up a facility in the industrial zone of Calvenzano, province of Bergamo, to meet the needs of its constantly growing corporate development lines. The factory has a surface of 8,000 m²; however, its context is much wider, totalling 22,000 m².
The goal to become the supplier of a much broader range of components for hydraulic plants in the industrial and mobile sectors convinced OMT to start the production of filters in 1985.
In 2003, the factory was extended to start the production of heat exchangers, thus introducing a wide range of air/oil and water/oil exchangers.
In 2004, OMT purchased and merged by incorporation the company Essegi meccanica in Spilanberto producing SAE and CETOP flanges, aluminium and steel joints, and CETOP blocks.
In the end, in 2013, the company hired skilled and experienced staff to start the production of piston, bladder and membrane accumulators.



LuEn is a dynamic, cutting-edge reality, boasting thirty years of experience and a constant attention to the most recent technological innovations.
Specialised in the design and manufacturing of hydraulic valves, the company was able to match past and future: its productive excellence and the quality of the service offered to customers allowed LuEn to stand out in the competitive panorama.
Flexibility in adapting to the market requests, highly professional advice and a constant customization are some of LuEn’s strongpoints, in addition to excellent quality standards and accurate controls.
Expert, skilled staff carefully monitor every production phase. Constant controls and accurate tests guarantee the utmost quality of the final product, which is certified by the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 system.
Valorisation of experience, attention to modern technologies, flexibility and high service customisation make LuEn a reliable and highly competitive partner to tackle all the challenges posed by the global market.