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Series SA

The new WATER – OIL heat exchangers SA series "shell and tube" are manufactured based on the most advanced technologies in order to make them very reliable even in hard working conditions.
They are suitable for oil flows from 20 lt/min to 500 lt/min; thermal exchange surfaces range from 0,26 m 2 to 3,67m2.


The water circuit is inspectable and designed to get the maximum water saving. The tube bundle is made of a very high number of thin tubes to optimize the thermal yield until 75kW within a compact layout; all the copper tubes are rolled into the tube plates to achieve the best performance even if vibrations take place.

The SA series has two subseries: the standard one made of CuDHP (copper) tubes for all industrial applications and the sea water one using CuproNichel 90/10 tubes.
On demand special solutions can be provided.
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